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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Going to the dentist

Do you remember back in the days if you chipped a tooth that you had to have fillings done with silver or maybe even gold? Maybe even if you lost a whole tooth, you had to get a gold tooth or silver one implanted. Those were the old days. In modern times, you can actually get fillings that are the color of teeth, and no one will be the wiser that the whole thing is not your actual grown teeth. Even if you have chipping on your front teeth, you can get tooth colored fillings to substitute for the chipped portion, or if there’s a hole to be filled. Although this is mostly cosmetic, because gold and silver could still work, it’s nice to have a smile that is all white as opposed to a spot of gold or silver dotted in your moth for fillings.
If you have issues with your teeth chipping, or prior fillings that have come out, and you have not had a filling done with tooth color, then now is the time – go talk to the dentists There’s nothing more beautiful than a full white smile, which you can achieve when you use tooth colored fillings. Because of tooth colored fillings, also known as porcelain fillings, you can not only beautify your smile, but hide imperfections that may be in your teeth such as cracks, chips, and holes. You can even have bridges, which are fake teeth that are made tooth colored out of porcelain, and are no different in color than your actual teeth; put in a space in your mouth, to make you have a full and complete white smile.

It was a revolution when tooth colored fillings came out, and the cosmetic world was very grateful for it. Although these are more costly than the traditional gold or silver plated fillings, they are worth it if you want to have a smile that is white without the noticeable fillings of different colors. Adding in these fillings are no more painful or inconvenient than others that you may have done in the past. You get a shot in your gums in order to numb the area for drilling that may need to be done to put in the filling. The wonderful world of dental fillings, is now complete with porcelain, so if you need some, then come in and get yours done today.